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What is a FID'L STIK?

The only tool you'll want for burnishing your foiling projects and much more!  You must check one out!

Why the FID'L STIK?

  • Durable, acrylic foiling tool
  • Comfortable and easy to handle ~ you don't have to be an engineer to figure it out!
  • Angled top is perfect for flattening corners
  • Rounded end smoothes out foil without tearing
  • Ideal for burnishing the curved edges of slumped glass
  • The angled point cleans up polish and grout around solder/came without marring
  • Specially designed for making jump rings
  • Pocket clip protects against loss ~ clips to clothing, doesn't roll when laid down
  • Made in the USA!

Where can you get the FID'L STIK?

We have many wholesalers throughout the USA and Canada who supply your retail stores.  Check with your local retailer first or contact Studio K directly for more information.